Summer Fayre 2019

We are happily exhausted after a smaller but ever so enjoyable and successful fayre this year.

As we are eternally grateful of our friends and helping hands that make our local event shine once a year, we are also indebted to the musicians who clearly are the highlight on the day/night.

Forte Worthy – Sam and Sound – The Fox and the OwlJeremy Johnson

The weather has been with us all the way and blessed us with a warm and sunny day while leafs were rustling in the trees.

The kids had a blast running through and playing with the fresh cut hay. They were having a splash mud baths or explored the surroundings and fed the goats.

Adults all the while looking and chatting and laughing and dreaming and sipping on beautifully crafted local Dorset Star Cider.

Honest and hearty food was served by Easy Vegan. Very enjoyable.

Thank you to all visitors who left our place in such a tidy condition.